Left to right – Rev Leslie Noon, Rev Stephen Wigley (Chair of Wales Synod) & Rev Siperire Mugadzaweta

On Thursday 29th August the Swansea and Gower Methodist Circuit officially welcomed two new ministers to the area. The Methodist Conference stationed Rev Leslie Noon and Rev Siperire Mugadzaweta to serve in the circuit from September 1st after formerly serving in Huddersfield and Coventry respectively.


The Circuit Superintendent Rev Howard Long welcomed family members and friends especially Leslie’s husband Geoff and Siperire’s husband Julius. Rev Noel Davies gave a word of welcome on behalf of colleagues from other churches and denominations in Swansea.


On behalf of the circuit stewards Mr Derek Norton welcomes Leslie and Siperire and introduces them to the congregation

The sermon was preached by Rev Stephen Wigley, chair of Wales Methodist Synod who along with the circuit steward Mr Derek Norton gave the official welcome to the circuit and the Synod.


Siperire along with her husband Julius and family friend perform a Shona song from Zimbabwe