The Mission Statement of the Methodist Church

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.

Worship in the Methodist Church is expressed in many ways. In worship the Church:

• Gives praise to God in Christ through the Spirit
• Opens itself to God’s transforming love
• Receives and reflects on the gospel of God’s ways in the world
• Offers itself to share in God’s costly action in the world.

Methodism endorses many dimensions and methods of Christian mission. In particular it affirms that mission includes:

• Telling the good news of Jesus
• Calling people to faith in Jesus Christ and to Christian discipleship
• Caring for individual people and communities sharing the task of education and social and spiritual development
• Struggling for a just world
• Being alongside the poor
• Becoming friends with people of different cultures and faiths
• Caring for the earth
• Building partnerships with other churches and other groups who share some of our mission aims.

Swansea and Gower Circuit Policy

As a Circuit we affirm the Priorities of the Methodist Church and seek to:

  • Express the Gospel through worship, word and action in ways that will speak to the needs and culture of the people around us.
  • Nurture Christian understanding and lifestyle through fellowship groups, study groups and prayer groups in the Churches.
  • Encourage growth in church membership through worship and evangelism, mission and pastoral care.
  • Support existing chaplaincies and develop other chaplaincy work wherever possible.
  • Work in partnership with other churches wherever possible in order for us to share in God’s mission more effectively.
  • Play a full part in the work of the Methodist Church in Wales while being inspired and challenged as part of the worldwide Church of Christ.
  • Be sensitive to environmental issues and be good stewards of our natural resources