I feel that we as a Circuit are called to Pray Without Ceasing for 40 hours from 3 p.m. on Good Friday until 7 a.m. on Easter Sunday morning.

The focus will be upon our Lord’s Sacrifice and Revival. When we consider that Jesus gave his life for us, the least we can do is commit to pray during this particular time and I sense that we not only need to reflect upon Jesus’ death and sacrifice but what he is calling us to do – to make new disciples.

The time has been divided up into half hour slots and is shown below.
The table of slots is updated regularly so that availability of slots can be clearly seen.

There is a pack of prayer resources available for use during the prayer time if you do not wish to use your own prayers.  These are available to download or print by following this link.

You can pray wherever you are. If you are willing to commit to a slot(s) please let me know your chosen time slot by email circuitsteward589@gmail.com

I do hope that you will be willing to join us in this prayer watch.

00:00-00:30N/AVal Hicks - MumblesVal Hicks - Mumbles
00:30-01:00N/AVal Hicks - MumblesVal Hicks - Mumbles
01:00-01:30N/ASelina Taylor - PittonSelina Taylor - Pitton
01:30-02:00N/ASelina Taylor - PittonSelina Taylor - Pitton
02:00-02:30N/ARev. Andy WalkerRev. Andy Walker
02:30-03:00N/ARev. Andy WalkerRev. Andy Walker
03:00-03:30N/ALynne Taylor - PittonLynne Taylor - Pitton
03:30-04:00N/ALynne Taylor - PittonLynne Taylor - Pitton
04:00-04:30N/ALynne Taylor - PittonLynne Taylor - Pitton
04:30-05:00N/ALynne Taylor - PittonLynne Taylor - Pitton
05:00-05:30N/ADavid Boakes - MumblesSlot available otherwise Lynne Taylor - Pitton
05:30-06:00N/ABrin Jones - WesleySue Raad - Murton
06:00-06:30N/APam Jones - Wesley and Jean Powell - Morriston
Rev. Mick and Jan Ellor
06:30-07:00N/ACynthia Mumford - Mumbles and Jean Powell MorristonJane Gronow - Reynoldston
07:00-07:30N/AAlison Newnham - Mumbles
07:30-08:00N/AAlison Newnham - MumblesN/A
08:00-08:30N/AHildegarde- HortonN/A
08:30-09:00N/AIsobel Everett- PittonN/A
09:00-09:30N/AColin Everett - PittonN/A
09:30-10:00N/ALorraine Hossington - Reynoldston & Kath Jones Brunswick
Murton also
10:00-10:30N/ADai Cann - Pitton
10:30-11:00N/AVicky Charles - St Mary'sN/A
11:00-11:30N/ARev. Noel Davies and
11:30-12:00N/ARev. Noel Davies and
12:00-12:30N/AGill Wales - St Mary'sN/A
13:30-14:00N/ADavid Boakes - MumblesN/A
14:00-14:30N/AAlice Rutter - UCSN/A
14:30-15:00N/ALinda Bartlett - PittonN/A
15:00-15:30Rev. Mick and Jan EllorAlan & Pam Cram - ClydachN/A
15:30-16:00Rev. Mick and Jan EllorMurtonN/A
16:00-16:30Caroline Buckler - MumblesKen Shingleton - MumblesN/A
16:30-17:00Caroline Buckler - MumblesSandra Cuthill - UCSN/A
17:00-17:30Pat Davies - UCS and
Anne Gagen - Mumbles
Caroline Johnson - St Mary's & Sandra Cuthill - UCSN/A
17:30-18:00Pat Davies - UCSSue Grove -HortonN/A
18:00-18:30Jane Gronow - ReynoldstonAnn Gragen - MumblesN/A
18:30-19:00Alison Newnham - MumblesAlice Rutter - UCSN/A
19:00-19:30Kath Jones - Brunswick
Murton also
David Boakes - Mumbles
Win Hawkins - Reynoldston
19:30-20:00Sandra Pengelly - BrunswickDavid Boakes - Mumbles
Win Hawkins - Reynoldston
20:00-20:30Jennifer Taylor - Brunswick
Murton also
20:30-21:00Rev. Andrew PearceCynthia Mumford - MumblesN/A
21:00-21:30Rev. Howard Rev. HowardN/A
21:30-22:00Rev. HowardRev. HowardN/A
22:00-22:30Sue Raad -MurtonRev. Andrew PearceN/A
22:30-23:00Rev. Noel Davies and
Sybil Smith - Brunswick
Murton also
23:00-23:30Rev. Noel Davies and
Carolyn & Pat Jenkins
- Pitton
Murton also
23:30-24:00Eleanor Cuthill - Morriston
Murton also
Carolyn & Pat Jenkins - Pitton
Murton also